Just Me and My Camera

Self portraits was this week’s class assignment. I procrastinated until the day before they were due, but I feel ok about the results. Amazing what a little pressure from a deadline will do!

I was having a hard time trying to come up with something creative, so I finally just grabbed my camera, tripod, remote, and laptop (for tethering) and pointed it at a stool. The first several shots were pretty boring and uninspired, but as I kept at it, more ideas started creeping into my mind.

It was late in the afternoon, so I began by using the nice natural light coming in through our north-facing windows. As it got darker, I started playing around a bit with my off-camera flash and shadows. Then for something completely different, I decided to make some “action” photos. I grabbed my old hacky sack and gave that a few kicks. Until finally, it was dark enough to try the only shot I had in mind before I started – a modern play off the famous statue, The Thinker. I sat on a little step stool and used my iPhone as the only source of light. Though this one doesn’t necessarily convey the original idea of The Thinker that I had in mind, I still kinda like it.

This was the last of the regular weekly assignments. All that’s left is the final “Photographic Essay.” We need to pick at least five photos that relate to each other in either theme, composition, style, lighting techniques, or subject matter. Unfortunately, I am still struggling with what exactly I want to do. And I really need to decide soon. I have only two weeks to make a decision, shoot, print, and mat. What was that about pressure and deadlines!?

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