Project 365: Days 102-108


Continuing the trend of posting my daily photos once a week, here are the last 7 days of my Project 365. Day 102: In Flight Day 103: Passing Drill Day 104: Dough! Day 105: Ripples Day 106: Boots Day 107: Angles Day 108: Orange Lines Follow @mikerussellfoto

Project 365: Days 89-94


Once again, I have not had time to post every day this past week for my Project 365. So, here are the last few days. Day 89: Handle and Switch Day 90: Spirals Day 91: Abstract Shapes Day 92: Blinds Day 93: Self Portrait Day 94: Flares Follow @mikerussellfoto

Shadows and Lines (84/365)


I wonder how many times I’ve used that as a title for an image…Oh well. Day 84 of 365 is another shadow photo. This time I really liked the way the streetlight was casting this shadow on the side of our house. Follow @mikerussellfoto

Fridge Fan (83/365)


I’ve been trying to fix our refrigerator over the last week. The first replacement fan had a broken piece. And after getting a replacement for the replacement, it appears the fan may not be the root problem. So, the control board is next. Yep, that’s right, what little spare time …

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