Fridge Fan (83/365)

I’ve been trying to fix our refrigerator over the last week. The first replacement fan had a broken piece. And after getting a replacement for the replacement, it appears the fan may not be the root problem. So, the control board is next.

Yep, that’s right, what little spare time I’ve had recently has been spent researching and reading up on refrigerator repair. Just one of the reasons why I haven’t been posting my daily photos regularly. But hey, I figure I might as well combine the two. So, here is the condenser fan in motion. Oh, and that self portrait in my last post, that was the back of the fridge.

(Click on the photo below to view it larger)


  1. This is gorgeous. My attempts at shooting fans have not been nearly as successful.

    • Thanks! I just plopped it on the bar and spun it with my hand. Wasn’t even plugged in. Maybe that’s the trick! Plus, the blades are shaped a little differently than most fan blades. It gives it a more curvy look. Anyway, glad you like it!

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