Project 365: Days 95-101

One of these weeks I may get back into the habit of posting my “photos of the day” everyday. But for now, these weekend posts will have to do.

Day 95: Stopper

I was searching for something to photograph before going to bed, but was not having much success. Then I decided to just look for something completely ordinary to shoot. So, here is the stopper to our kitchen sink.

Day 96: Ramekin Remnants

We had a little bit of pastry dough and filling left over from the French onion tart that I made a few days earlier. So Jen made us a couple mini tarts in these ramekins.

Day 97: Bitter Campari

One thing that’s nice about being in between art shows is that I have lots of frames at home. So, I finally matted and framed this Campari poster that we’ve had in a tube in our closet for the last 10 years or so.

Not sure what I’ll do when it’s time for my next show. There will be lots of bare walls with empty picture hangers.

Day 98: Light Rays

Day 99: Around the Corner

Day 100: Padiddle Perspective

Yes, it’s a photo of a photo. I kinda liked how it gave it a weird perspective, though.

Day 101: Folds

Our eldest cat, Mordrid, has made this bedspread his own little nest.

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