365: Day 7 – Lines

Today has been a bit of a rough day. During a short run, my IT band started acting up. I knew it right away because I had this issue a couple years ago. Though it was my left leg this time that was complaining. And just as I was starting to get back into a decent running routine! I guess my tendons just don’t like colder weather.

What does this have to do with my photo of the day? Well, nothing really. I’ve been grumpy all afternoon and not feeling creative. But at least I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures. After all, if I’m going to keep this up for another 51 weeks, then there are certainly going to be more days like this and I need to just stick to it.

So, here are some lines. :-)

(Click on the photo below to view it larger)


  1. oh, boo. i feel your pain. I’ve got the same problem and I need to be super careful [never am].

    • Yeah, the frustrating part is this time I was being careful. The first time it happened was back in December of ’08. I didn’t rest long enough after running my first half marathon. This time I was very slowly increasing my mileage, and hadn’t really gotten very far. So, I’m really starting to wonder if I just shouldn’t run in weather below 40F. Oh well.

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