Snow Ferry (61/365)

On Sunday, we got our first substantial snowfall in the lowland areas of Seattle. We saw 3-4 inches fall in West Seattle, especially in the North Admiral district. About an hour before sunset, I decided to head outside with my camera.

I wandered through the neighborhood, saw lots of sledding kids and dirty snowmen (3-4 inches of snow just isn’t enough to make a clean snowman). I took a few shots, but nothing really caught my eye until just before dark set in.

I was heading for Sunset Avenue. It’s among my favorite places to run. And on a clear day there is a great view of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains beyond. But I didn’t know what to expect on such a wintery day.

The light was fading fast and a ferry was disappearing into the snow. I wanted to switch lenses, but knew I wouldn’t have time. The photo below is the end result.

I applied hardly any post-production to it. There was no black and white conversion or desaturation of color. The scene really was that monochrome.

It’s a bit of a departure from my typical photographs — no strong lines or abstract colors. Instead it’s almost devoid of anything discernible. But I kinda like that.

(Click on the photo below to view it larger)

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