Ray’s Boathouse Spring Extravaganza

On May 19, Ray’s Boathouse in Seattle hosted their annual event previously named The Copper River Salmon & Oregon Pinot Noir Extravaganza. Last year they broadened the theme to include more wineries and called it their Spring Extravaganza. This year even some of their favorite breweries were on hand.

Ok, full disclosure…my wife Jenny Neill is one of the two sommeliers at Ray’s so this is not a critical review of the event. In fact, I was there more to photograph rather than participate in the festivities. Though I did get to sample some of the offerings before the night was over.

The wineries represented were Adelsheim, Ayers Vineyard, Bethel Heights, Boedecker Cellars, Brittan Vineyards, Cristom Vineyards, Domaine Serene, Elk Cove, Et Fille, Eyrie Vineyards, Patton Valley Vineyard, and Walnut City WineWorks. The breweries present were Anacortes Brewing, Fremont Brewing, Maritime Pacific Brewing, NW Peaks Brewery, and Pike Brewing.

The event was held in the Northwest Room, Ray’s on-site catering facility. They couldn’t have arranged for better weather. We were graced with one of the first beautiful evenings of spring. And of course, the views were spectacular.

While most of the food was prepared in their banquet kitchen, Executive Chef Peter Birk was stationed at the grill out on the deck. The grill was surrounded by plenty of spark-catching sand to prevent a third fire to the 38 year old restaurant. It was great to watch Chef Pete in action grilling up the Chinook and Sockeye salmon from the Copper River as well as (I believe) Chinook from the Columbia River.

But I said this wasn’t a review, so on to the pictures!

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  1. I would do almost anything for a taste of that salmon – looks delicious, great photos!

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