Move to Ali’i Hale (365:33)

Today we moved into the rental house down on Ali’i Drive and my two sisters arrived. The whole Russell clan is together for the first time since Rome in the Spring of 2005.

But earlier in the day, before the sisters arrived, my parents and I took all of our stuff from my brother’s place and settled in at the beach house. It took me so long to unpack. I found myself completely drawn in by the ocean. I’d start filling a drawer, absently look up, see a dolphin in the distance and 10 minutes later realize the drawer is still empty. All I wanted to do was watch the waves crash onto the huge lava rocks. It is truly hypnotizing.

The house is situated on one side of a small cove. On the other side is a little hotel with this pool. Guess he’s not too worried by that sign.

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Gone Fishin’

We arrived just before low tide and could see several schools of fish from the balcony. So, my dad decided to see if he could catch anything. Unfortunately, there were no worms to be found and apparently these fish don’t like carrots.

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Elusive Sunset

Since I’ve been in Hawaii, I have yet to see the sun actually set into the ocean. Each day it looks like it’s going to, but then some low clouds (or perhaps vog?) obscure the view.

I really thought today would be the day. It was the clearest sky, and it was looking good until just a few minutes before sunset. Oh well, it did give me the perfect light to pull out my tripod and play with longer exposures. Don’t be surprised if you see more of these throughout the week.

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