Surfers in the Backyard (365:34)

What makes for a bad snorkeling day, makes for a great day to surf. Our attempts to snorkel were thwarted twice today by big surf. But there were dozens of surfers and people on boogie boards in any cove that had decent waves.

Our little cove was not very crowded though, only a few braved the rocky surf. A couple of the guys that showed up, especially one of them, were quite good and fun to watch. Unfortunately, I failed to get their names. So if anyone on the Big Island knows these guys, let me know!

I posted this earlier to my Facebook page. Here is one of their runs using my iPhone. And honestly, this was not one of his better ones.

The look of pure joy on his face in these photos just makes me smile. He clearly loves riding a wave.

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Sunset Waves

And, as warned, here are a couple more slow shutter photos of waves after sunset. I’m not sure how I feel about the color one. I did more post production on it than I usually do, which gave it a graininess that’s not so natural. Though I’m not sure that’s as obvious in the online version. But hey, that’s partly why I’m doing this project 365, to try out new things and see what I like.

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  1. Great shots! You had me at surfer. :)

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