Who’s Your Hula Daddy? (365:40)

“Who’s Your Hula Daddy?” That’s on a new t-shirt I picked up while visiting the Kona coffee plantation Hula Daddy on December 23 (day 40 of Project 365).

Our friend and resident expert of all things Big Island, Andrew Hetzel, is also a global coffee consultant. So when he offered to arrange a private tour with the owner of Hula Daddy, Lee Paterson, we jumped at the opportunity. But you don’t have to be friends with Andrew to visit. Free tours of the plantation are available daily.

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I love coffee, especially a really good espresso. Jenny, my sommelier wife, and I can certainly “get our geek on” around wine and winemaking. But I am nowhere near as versed in the technical side of coffee as our gracious hosts.

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It was fascinating to learn about the various processes employed in growing, harvesting, and roasting coffee. Not to mention getting tips on the proper way to make a good cup. Jenny will write a much more detailed post on her blog soon.

I know that we just barely skimmed the surface of the complex world of coffee. But it certainly was a fun crash course!

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  1. Aloha Mike

    We enjoyed your visit to Hula Daddy Kona Coffee. We look forward to your next visit to Kona and some more coffee tasting.

    Lee and Karen

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