Project 365: Days 147-156

This installment of my Project 365 covers the last ten days of shooting. I’m writing it while riding the train down to Portland, though I may not post it until later. Connectivity is not the greatest on the train! But I figured there’s no better time than present to get caught up!

Day 147: Night Sounder

On day 147 I went out to Starfire in Tukwila and shot the Sounders reserve match against the Portland Timbers. It’s a pretty small facility and the stadium lights are not very bright. So by the time the second half began there was not much light to work with. But I did manage to capture this image of Sounders midfielder Mike Seamon late in the match.

Day 148: Stripes

An uninspired day…here’s our shower curtain.

Day 149: Computer Light

Day 150: Tulips, Sunset, and Seattle Three-Ways…at night

Jenny’s second cousin Dan and his wife Holly stayed with us for a few days last weekend. Dan is quite the photographer and my mission was to take him to some good spots to shoot in two days. We headed up to Skagit Valley for the Tulip Festival. (More photos from that excursion will likely be in its own post at some point.)

After strolling through the fields of color, we stopped for a slow lunch in La Conner. Then it was on to Deception Pass for a quick hike before heading back to town and dinner at Ray’s Boathouse, where Jenny had kindly ordered up a gorgeous sunset for the out-of-towners’ visit to her workplace.

Finally, on the way home, we made a stop at Seattle Center and EMP. I last visited there about a year ago during the day, and came away with what I called Seattle Three Ways. This time we were there at night and I was without my tripod. So I had no idea if anything was going to turn out. I kinda like this one.

Day 151: Lowman Beach Sunset

Dan and Holly went off with Jenny while I went and shot the Sounders vs. Colorado match. We met up afterward and headed to the beaches in West Seattle in search of starfish.

The few that we found were hiding pretty well. But I managed to get a few that I’ll post some day. We ended our search at Lowman Beach Park, just north of Lincoln Park where we sat and watched the sunset.

Day 152: Credentialed

Day 153: Stone Window

Day 154: Rubber Rays

Just a close up of a yoga ball.

Day 155: Blake Island

On day 155, I read on Orca Network that there was a pod of orcas near Seattle. I grabbed my gear and headed down to Alki. At first I couldn’t find them with my binoculars. But eventually I saw some of the tell-tale dorsal fins and spouts way on the other side of the channel closer to Bainbridge Island. Definitely too far away for my lens. Just as they started to come in a little bit closer, the rain and wind picked up. It was blowing right in my face, and my lens would have gotten soaked. So, I just watched the pod of 6 or 7 as a juvenile (maybe 2 of them) breached over and over again for a couple minutes. It was very cool.

Unfortunately, by the time the rain passed, they were once again too far away. But I’m guessing the folks gathered on the shore of Blake Island had quite a nice show.

Day 156: Shell and Lines

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