Project 365: Days 157-166

The last ten days seemed to pass in an instant. A weekend in Portland and lots of work have made these increasingly longer days of Spring speed quickly by. I was close to posting this sooner, but simply didn’t make the time. I sense, though, that I might be getting closer to posting these “photos-of-the-day” more on a daily basis once again.

But until then…

Day 157: Wall Design

I traveled down to Portland, OR on day 157. After working in the morning and taking the train down that afternoon, I decided to just use this one for my photo of the day. It’s one of the walls of our room in a nice little place in downtown Portland, Hotel Lucia.

Day 158: Timber Smoke

One of the reasons for going to Portland was to shoot the Portland Timbers match. They managed to break Sporting Kansas City’s winning streak while at the same time end their own losing streak. The Timbers Army had a great time celebrating.

(Check out more of my photos from the match in My First Visit to Jeld-Wen Field in Portland.)

Day 159: Coffee and Chrome

The other reason I went to Portland was to attend the 24th Specialty Coffee Association of America convention. It was a huge event that attracted people from around the world – growers, roasters, baristas, and pretty much anyone involved in the specialty coffee business. I admit to being a relative novice when it comes to being a coffee geek, but I can definitely see the appeal.

One of the events happening throughout the weekend was the United States Barista Championship. It’s quite the spectacle. I took this shot on the final day of the competition.

Day 160: Night Buds

I just liked how the buds of this tree were being lit by the streetlight.

Day 161: Garden Gloves

Day 162: Drying Rack Shadow

Day 163: Coniferous

Day 164: Blinds

Day 165: Whisker Abstract

Day 166: Empty


  1. Hey Mike,
    Excellent creative photography here man!
    I really like your framing, subject matter, and processing on most if not all of your photos. What king of camera, lenses, software are you using?

    This is Bill. Used to work with you and Jen and Terry Linkletter at VIACK for a bit..

    • Hey Bill, thanks! It’s been a long time!

      Currently I’m using a Nikon D90, though am considering upgrading to a D700. I’ve got a few different lenses. Most of the soccer stuff is with a Nikkor 70-300. And a lot of the project 365 is actually with a couple of late 60’s era manual lenses (Super-Takumar). One is a 35mm f/2 and the other is 50mm f/1.4.

      I also still occasionally use the kit lens, 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6.

      As far as post-processing, I don’t usually do too much to it, so I just use Lightroom.

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