Project 365: Days 270-293

Ok, I know it sort of defeats the purpose of the whole photo-a-day philosophy, but that ship sailed a long time ago. Even if I’m not posting them more regularly, at least I’m still shooting daily!

This one is long overdue, 23 days late, to be exact. So here’s what the last 3 weeks have looked like for my Project 365.

Day 270: Branching Silhouette

Day 271: Caged Fern

Day 272: Johan – Bee Wrangler

Ok, they weren’t bees, they were yellow jackets. With the nest three stories up, it was a little bit higher than I was willing to deal with myself. So we called in Johan.

Day 273: Summer Night

I usually prefer my water minus the cubes, but on the few days of the summer when we break the 90F mark, it’s a nice relief. Especially at night since hardly anyone in Seattle has air conditioning.

Day 274: Cat’s Eyes

Yeah, I know, kinda cheesy. But I was bored and wanted to do something to make this image a little more interesting. Don’t know whether I succeeded or not.

Day 275: Support

Sounders fans showing their support during the Vancouver Whitecaps match.

Day 276: Sammy’s Biggest Fan

I’ve shot thousands of photos of Sounders players in action this year – crunching tackles, bloody faces, jubilant celebrations, but this may just be my favorite photo of them all. Sammy Ochoa with his son after a Reserve League match.

Day 277: Pidgeon Hawk?

Day 278: Branch Occupied

Day 279: Paws and Feet

Day 280: Pillow Light

Day 281: Vintage Sunlight

On a trip to visit Walla Walla wineries, we stayed in an old early 1900’s craftsman inn called the Nine Trees Inn. (Though it’s actually in Milton-Freewater, OR.) It’s a beautiful old house with many of its original features – like the old single-paned glass windows.

This is a shot of the green wall in our bedroom with the late afternoon sunlight casting shadows and shining through the old distorted glass on the other side of the room.

Day 282: Post-Veraison Cab

Between L’Ecole No. 41 and Woodward Canyon‘s tasting rooms lies a small vineyard mostly for decoration. This cluster of cabernet grapes is just finishing going through veraison (change from green to purple), and is starting to taste a little sweet.

Day 283: Wheat Fields

Day 284: Contours and Mount Rainier

I had a really hard time narrowing down just one photo for day 284. We drove back to Seattle from Walla Walla and stopped at several places along the way. That’s what happens when the photographer is driving and there are no time constraints!

Some day I will post more from the stops we made because the scenery is pretty spectacular. But for now just these two:

Day 285: Trace Rainbow

Seattle is currently experiencing its second driest streak ever (6 more days and it will be the driest). I think we’re up to 46 days without measurable rain. But on August 28, a “trace” amount of rainfall created this nice (albeit short-lived) rainbow here in West Seattle.

Day 286: Bridge Weed

Day 287: Plugged

Day 288: Pebbles

Day 289: Old Man Kitty

We aren’t exactly sure when Mordrid’s birthday is, we got him when he was just 6-8 weeks old towards the end of October, ’93 in Salem, MA. September 1st seems as good a day as any. So, Happy 19th Birthday, old man kitty!

Day 290: Chamomile

Day 291: Laden

Day 292: Backlit

Day 293: Tchotchke

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