Project 365: Days 322-335

Here are another two weeks of Project 365 photos. I really need to get on top of catching up. I only have another two weeks of shooting before I’m done, and I still have quite the backlog!

So, without anything further, here are days 322-335…

Day 322: Whispy

Day 323: Vent

Day 324: Light Takeout

Day 325: Put me in coach

Really loved this shot of Steve Zakuani as he looked on after the final substitution was made in the Portland match.

Day 326: Grounded

Day 327: Chef Wayne

Got the opportunity to do some portraits of Ray’s Boathouse executive chef, Wayne Johnson. It was a lot of fun!

Day 328: Handle

Day 329: Winged Sunrise

Had a very early flight to Cleveland to visit family and friends.

Day 330: Arcade Stairs

I had a really hard time picking just one photo from my wanderings around downtown Cleveland on Day 330. I suspect there will be another post at some point with more photos from my whole trip. But for now here’s just one. This was inside the old Arcade building. They don’t make stairs like they used to!

Day 331: Brunello

Day 332: Winded Double Helix

Outside the new (to me) University Hospital building in Cleveland sits a nice little sculpture garden. All four elements are represented throughout the garden. This is obviously depicting “wind.”

Day 333: Banister

Day 334: Clouds

Day 335: Dry Erase

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