Project 365: Days 336-349

Here’s another round of Project 365 photos. And now I’m almost caught up on posting them. This takes me through October 31, which means after today I only have 11 more days before I reach 365!

I think it may be time to start thinking about how I’m going to celebrate.

Day 336: Back to your regularly scheduled rain

Day 337: West Seattle whale watching

Day 338: Drapes

Day 339: Halftime Refreshment

Day 340: Filtered Sun

Day 341: Rainbow

Day 342: Self Portrait Reflection

Day 343: Espresso Time

Day 344: Ignite

Day 345: Drying

Day 346: Whale Watchers

Day 347: Three-pronged Shadow

Day 348: Puddle

Day 349: Shaker

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