Santos Laguna Takes 1-0 Lead Against Sounders in CCL Semis

Tuesday night Santos Laguna, the Mexican team that knocked the Sounders out of last year’s CONCACAF Champions League competition, came to Seattle for the first leg of this year’s CCL semifinals. Former USL Sounder and current US Men’s National Team player, Herculez Gomez scored the only goal in the match. The next leg will be played in Mexico on Tuesday, April 9.

One of the things I love about shooting CCL matches is the minimal amount of advertising boards. There are spots on the endlines where we photographers can sit on the ground just a few feet from the pitch with no barriers. We’re not really any closer, but it feels like we are when there’s nothing between us and the play on the field. Of course, there’s also a greater chance that a player may run us over. But it’s usually not an issue. It just adds to the fun!

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