Sounders Get Clean Sheet, But So Do Revs

It was a blustery day in Seattle for the battle at bottom of the table. Both the Seattle Sounders and New England Revolution have the worst records in the Western and Eastern Conferences of MLS, respectively. And both teams really needed a win. But after 90 minutes, neither team managed to get a goal.

Shooting in weather like we had today is always challenging. It was especially difficult during the first half when the sun was going in and out behind the clouds. I was constantly changing the shutter speed to compensate for either the bright sun or dark clouds. Luckily the sun all but disappeared in the second half. Although it was replaced by rain around the 70th minute mark of the match.

Sure it’s annoying trying to protect the camera gear from the rain while I’m out there. But once I start going through the photos, I just love the extra dimension the raindrops add to the action. It’s not quite as dramatic in daylight as it is under the lights at night, but it’s still a nice effect.

(Click on the photos below to view them in a gallery)

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