Sky Blue FC Beat Seattle Reign, 3-0

Rather than go into why the Seattle Reign are struggling or debate who’s to blame for their 0-6-1 start to the new league, I’m going to just focus on the photos. I’ll leave the analysis to the analysts.

It was another beautiful evening out at Starfire. I admit to having a love-hate relationship with the small venue in Tukwila. The lighting at night is simply terrible. It’s probably just fine for playing soccer, but not so great for photographing it. However before sunset, and especially just as the sun is going down, it’s quite the opposite.

You’ll never get that “golden hour” type light down at CenturyLink Field because the stands are just too high. By the time the sun is setting, the field has been in the shade for hours. But not so at Starfire. Sure there are definitely shadows of the grandstand that can be a little challenging, but when the light is just right, it can make for some very dramatic shots.

I sincerely hope the Reign can find their way out of this hole. Perhaps next week’s match against Portland will be their moment?

(Click on the photos below to view them in a gallery)

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  1. Great photos. How can I buy one? Are you sharing versions of these for fans to create desktop wallpapers? I know a few designers willing to do so.

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