Power and Decay on Capitol Hill

UPDATE (1/9/12): The show has been extended through the end of January! We are having another reception at Vino Verité with more wines selected by Jenny on January 12 from 6-8PM. Stop on by!

On the second Thursday of every month dozens of stores, galleries, and boutiques on Capitol Hill open their doors for the Blitz Capitol Hill Arts Walk. All this month my photography exhibit “Power and Decay” is adorning the walls of Vino Verité.

The event this past Thursday was a great success and lots of fun. The wine that was being poured for the evening had been selected by my wife, the writer and sommelier, Jenny Neill. And it was quite a lineup!

I was honored when Jeanine, the organizer for the art walk, selected my “Power” photo as their Facebook profile image at the beginning of the month. I later learned that she rotates through various artists’ work throughout the month. But still, it was a bit of a thrill to see the image that I gave permission to use to promote my own opening being used to advertise the entire event.

Below are all the photos that I am showing at Vino Verité. They will remain on display for the entire month of December. So be sure to stop in to the shop and see them in person. They really do look better on a wall than on your computer (or iPhone!). :-)

(Click on the photos below to view them larger)


  1. Brilliant! “Metropolis” looks like the interior of a spaceship. It very much evokes 1960s-era sci-fi, but the use of black and white changes it from a shiny vision of the time in which we now live to a dark commentary on a dehumanized world.

    “Power” and the color images in general clearly recall a kind of post-WWII optimisim that has now rusted and decayed. Juxtaposed with the black-and-white images that recall immediate post-war sci-fi, they reinforce the idea of a dream that has not been realized as originally intended.

    Great work!

    • Thanks, John! You really nailed it on my thoughts behind the title of the exhibit and why I selected the ones that I did. But you phrased it much more eloquently than I ever could! Can I steal that for my artists statement if I ever do this exhibit again? :-)

      Seriously, though, I really appreciate the kind words!

  2. This is great! Congrats on the exhibit.

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