Project 365: Days 350-368?

I’ve discovered another one of the problems about not posting my Project 365 photos on a more regular basis – I seem to be missing some days. I started on November 14, 2011, so in theory November 13 should have been day 366 (given it’s a leap year). Now, true confession time, I did skip one day. So that should put me at 365 on November 13.

But my count has November 13 being only 362! I know I didn’t miss more than that one day, so either I somehow missed posting three photos or mislabeled them somewhere along the line. Whatever the case, I kept going until I got to 365 “known” images. Which puts my last day as November 16.

And you know what today is, right??

So, here is my final Project 365 post. Will I do it again? Probably not. Am I glad I did it? Absolutely. Am I glad it’s over? You bet!

You know, I think I said the exact same things after I ran my first marathon.

…And again after my second one. Hmm…

Day 350: Blurred Sunset

Day 351: How much longer?

This shot just makes me laugh. Real Salt Lake goalkeeper Nick Rimando was being tended to for quite a long time during the Western Conference Semifinal match. The crowd was not pleased with how long it was taking to patch him up. And it seems the medical assistant was also ready to get off the pitch. (Turned out, Rimando had a broken nose and kept playing. He was a beast that night.)

Day 352: Seattle Old and New

Day 353: Easy Street

Day 354: Coast Guard Practice

Day 355: Re-elected

Day 356: Fall Fruit

Day 357: Movember Day Nine

This year I am participating in Movember. This was the growth after nine days. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to sport the Magnum P.I. ‘stache!

Day 358: Seeds

Day 359: Keys

Day 360: More Rain

Day 361: Odin

Day 362: Notes

Day 363: Napkins

Day 364: Spots

Day 365: Flaming Orange Peel

I had a completely different final 365 shot that I had taken earlier in the day. It was ok enough, but then my wife, Jenny, wanted me to take a photo of her flaming an orange peel for a blog post of her own about cocktails. It was a fun challenge, and I have a few good ones to choose from. But this one is my favorite.

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