Dragonfly Perch in the Arizona High Desert

My wife and I recently returned from a trip to Prescott, AZ. We spent over a week there and enjoyed various excursions — climbed a mountain and a butte, drove old Route 66, visited a “town” called Nothing, talked to some sculptors, and watched square dancing under the stars and cicadas at the Courthouse Plaza in Prescott. I have nearly 2000 photos to process, so for now I will just share this one.

Each morning I enjoyed my breakfast out on the patio where we were visited by numerous little critters throughout our stay. Bunnies, lizards, mourning doves, even a pair of roadrunners dropped by (although there were no coyotes on ACME rockets in sight). One morning a dragonfly decided that a seedpod just off the patio made the perfect perch from which to hunt. I watched him (or her?) sit atop the stalk waiting for the right moment. Then he would flit away, apparently chasing something, only to resume his post a few seconds later. He always turned toward the sun after returning from each of these little sorties. But unfortunately the sun was positioned so that he was not facing me. I took a few snaps anyway and went back to eating my breakfast and sipping my espresso.

After showering and lathering on a layer of sunscreen to protect my sun-deprived Seattle skin, I came back out to see that he still remained on his lookout. But by this time the sun had moved so he was no longer facing away from me. I snapped a few more photos and noticed that his forays away from the seedpod were getting longer and longer, until finally it seemed he decided to go somewhere else. The image below is one of my favorites as well as one of the last ones I took.

In the next few weeks I will post more photos from our adventures in and around Prescott. Stay tuned…

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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing more pics – I’ve never traveled to the southern U.S..
    Thanks for sharing.

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