Sounders First Training at Starfire

OK, most of the snow is gone now, so today’s Project 365 entry (Day 69) is all about the Seattle Sounders.

Today the Sounders held their first training of 2012 at their home practice facility, the Starfire Sports complex in Tukwila. The first few sessions had been moved to the Seahawks’ indoor field at VMAC in Renton due to the inclement weather.

I wasn’t able to get out to Starfire in time for the first session when the rookies and trialists practiced (paying work got in the way!). But I made it out there to catch some of the starters and veterans playing 7v7 on a shortened pitch. They followed that up with some grueling looking sprints to finish off the session.

It was great to see everyone out there, both new and old faces, including Steve Zakuani who participated in the full session.

I don’t know how often I’ll be able to break away to catch a training, but hopefully I’ll get a few more opportunities before the season begins. (Especially if other folks like them!)

(Click on the photos below to view them larger)


  1. When do the Sounders train at Starfire? Is there a schedule somewhere?

    • Most of their training sessions are at Starfire if they are in town. Occasionally they go to VMAC for certain fitness testing (or when we have a huge snow storm!). I believe those are closed.

      I think they generally get going around 10am. But no, there is no public schedule. Just check out Josh Mayers’ twitter feed or his blog on the Seattle Times.

  2. Great pics man. It looks like Ozzie is growing a bit of a stache in number 3, or are my eyes deceiving me!

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