Obafemi Martins Scores Game-Winning Golazo

On Saturday night, Obafemi Martins scored what could easily end up the Goal of the Year to give the Seattle Sounders a 1-0 lead in the 8th minute against the San Jose Earthquakes. It turned out his goal was also the game-winner.

Few athletes are worthy of being called a “human highlight reel.” But Obafemi Martins’ athletic ability on Saturday night was pretty remarkable. The pinnacle of his evening was without a doubt the stupendous goal he scored off a great pass from Gonzalo Pineda. I don’t often embed highlights, but you have to see this goal if you haven’t watched it already. (Or watch it again even if you have!)

(UPDATE: Added version with Arlo White doing the call.)

Source: MLSSoccer.com and Soundersfc.com

For sure that was Oba’s most spectacular moment of the night. But he is just one of those players that is so much fun as a photographer to shoot. He does things with his body that not many people can do, and it looks great in a still photo. So what’s the photographic version of human highlight reel? I guess photogenic works, but doesn’t have quite the same connotation.

What do you think? I’m taking suggestions.

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