Project 365: Days 215-227

Ok, I am so far behind in posting my Project 365 photos that I need to do my batch posts in batches. Otherwise, I will never get it done!

So, here are days 215-227. Which brings us up to the end of June. Yeah, I’ve fallen way behind.

Day 215: Vent

Day 216: Junuary Rain

Day 217: Sunset Wheel

If it looks like I took this with my phone while driving on the Viaduct, you would be correct.

Day 218: Smiling Steve

Day 219: Once Upon a Time…

…I had long hair. My wife and I celebrated 15 years of marriage on June 21. So my shot of the day was actually a photo of a photo. This was from our honeymoon in the Purcell Mountains in British Columbia back in 1997. (Who needs a scanner!)

Day 220: Candle Wax

We paid a visit to St. Jack in Portland after having dinner at BEAST. (That will get its own post some day.) The cocktails were fantastic. Highly recommend paying Kyle a visit. This is one of the huge candles adorning the bar.

Day 221: Strawberries

Still in Portland, had some nibbles at Clyde Common.

Day 222: ECS Arrives

Sounders supporters were funneled in the side entrance at Portland’s JELD-WEN Field.

Day 223: Paired

Day 224: Laundry Day

Day 225: Wispy

Day 226: Rosey

Day 227: Pellegrino


  1. Yay, you’re back! “Strawberries” is the big winner from this set, I think, though I’m also fond of “Paired” and “Smiling Steve”.

    Anyway. Yes, thank you, more please! :-)

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