A Year in Photos – My Turn!

Seems like everyone’s doing a Year End Review or Top Whatever of 2012. So here’s a collection of some of my favorite photos of 2012.

When looking back through a years’ worth of photos, a few things stood out to me…

  • I had started my Project 365 in November of 2011, so most of the photos were taken in 2012.

  • I had fun exploring West Seattle after a big snow and ice storm back in January.

  • In March I got my first press pass for a Sounders match, which then turned into a full season credential.

  • While I didn’t travel to any faraway lands, I did some exploring closer to home. I went to Portland twice – for coffee and Sounders. I ventured up north to Vancouver for another Cascadia Cup match.

  • There were also two wine trips – visiting wineries and vineyards in Central and Eastern Washington.

  • The furthest I ventured from home was a trip back to where I grew up – Cleveland. I got to see friends and family, parts of the city I knew well, and other areas I had never seen before.

  • Then there were countless walks in the neighborhood and hours spent watching for orca whales off the shores of West Seattle.

  • And just before the end of the year I got to shoot my first two NFL games.

I don’t really know what 2013 will bring. A trip to Arizona is set. Budapest might also be in the cards. More Sounders galleries? Hopefully. Beyond that, who knows? I can only hope that my experiences are as fun and varied as they were in 2012. Buon anno!

(Click on the photos below to view them in a gallery)


  1. Beautiful pictures. Made a nice 2012 wrap up.

  2. I think 2013 is the year you photograph the Sounder winning the MLS cup. :)

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